SolarEdge P505 Rail Mounted Power Optimiser

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    The P505 Power Optimiser is suitable for use with high current (max 14A 83V) modules with output up to 505W, provided Voc is below 83V. Optimisers allow for uneven strings, longer strings, mix of panel types and orientations on the same string as well as reducing the impact of partial shading on the array.

    The P505 is ideal for use with Sunpower panels If you need help pairing panels and optimisers just let us know.


    • Max input Voc: 83V
    • Minimum number of optimisers: 6
    • Maximum number of optimisers: 25
    • 25 Year warranty
    • SafeDC protection
    • Module-level monitoring

    SolarEdge have a system design tool, available here. See also the site designer tutorial and the full list of benefits of using solaredge.


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