Huawei SUN2000 12KTL M5 Three Phase Inverter

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    The Huawei SUN2000-12KTL-M5 inverter is Huawei's 5th generation of 3 phase string inverter. It boasts a high maximum efficiency of 98.4%, which allows the entire system to operate extremely efficiently. The European efficiency of the inverter is specified at 97.9% and it has a voltage range that extends from 200 to 1,000 volts. 

    The Huawei SUN2000-12KTL-M5 inverter has many advantages, including compact design, simple plug-in connections, and RS485 communication for data exchange with the smart power meter. While commissioning is greatly simplified by the Huawei FusionSolar app, so that it is successfully completed in just a few minutes. 

    The inverter is also equipped with overvoltage protection (type 2 for AC and DC), as well as two independent MPP trackers. The system is AI-powered to proactively mitigate fire risk which, combined with arc fault protection, makes the SUN2000-12KTL-M5 one of the safest string inverter options available.

    The M5 generation of these inverters is compatible with the Huawei 450W power optimiser, and has built-in PID recovery.

    AC attributes
    Max power:
    Max current:
    Number of phases:
    DC attributes
    Number of MPPT 2
    V range of MPPT 370-800V
    Max input power 18000W
    Max input current 30A
    Max voltage 1100V
    Start up voltage 200V
    Max efficiency 98.4%
    IP rating IP66
    Built in protection Type II AC/DC surge arresters, reverse polarity, arc fault protection
    Export limitations With smartlogger
    Weight 21kg
    Dimensions 546x460x228mm
    Communication RS485 (WLAN, 4G optional)
    Warranty 10 years
    Key features

    Lighter, more compact design
    AI powered arcing protection

    Max efficiency of 98.4%
    Indoor or outdoor installation
    Reliable - Type II surge arresters for AC and DC


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