200W 12V dual battery solar kit for camper / boat with controller and cable

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    200W 12V dual battery solar kit for camper/boat with controller and cable

    200W solar panel: This high-efficiency, waterproof 200W 12V monocrystalline solar panel is perfect for permanent outdoor use. It provides free electricity for charging 12V batteries to power various applications such as camper vans, motorhomes, boats, sheds, farms, as well as remote applications like telecommunications or monitoring equipment. It can also be used to provide a direct power supply for applications not sensitive to changes in input voltage/current (e.g. electric motors or pumps). The panel is fitted with 5m of special solar cable, which can work at high roof temperatures with minimum power losses. A pair of male/female MC4 connectors are crimped on the end of the cable for easy connection to other solar panels, your existing system, or 6mm extension cable. The long-lasting, high-efficiency monocrystalline solar cells and the tough, sealed aluminum frame will give you years and years of consistent, free power. The waterproof design ensures the panel can be used in all weather conditions. This panel also features innovative 5 busbar solar cells, which are more efficient than the 2, 3, or 4 busbar solar cells used in most other solar panels and are able to extract more power from the same surface area. This results in a smaller overall solar panel, which is ideal for applications where space is limited. These solar cells are also the best choice for applications in warmer climates, as they operate well even in high ambient temperatures.

    20A solar charge controller: The kit includes a 20A 12V/24V dual battery solar charge controller designed to charge and protect two batteries independently, with automatic cut off to prevent over-charging. The controller uses PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) technology, which increases charge acceptance and prolongs the life of your batteries. PWM technology can also recover some lost battery capacity. This is a perfect solar controller for a caravan/camper van/boat or another system with two batteries (e.g. engine and leisure battery) or battery banks. You can set the initial charging priority, e.g. 80% power to go to the engine battery and 20% to the leisure battery. When one of the batteries is fully charged, the controller will automatically divert all power to the other battery. Can the unit work with only one battery? Yes, absolutely! The controller will determine automatically if there's only one battery connected and will pass 100% of charging current to this battery. You can add a second battery later. The unit has many protection functions, such as stopping reverse current at night (from the battery back to the solar panel), overcharge, short circuit, reverse polarity, etc. Other features include various LED indicators, battery type selection (sealed, gel, flooded), and an RJ-45 socket for an optional remote LCD meter with a 10m cable. A built-in temperature sensor allows the controller to optimize the charging process depending on the ambient temperature. If you are planning to position the controller far away from the battery, or if the battery and the controller are exposed to different ambient temperatures, an external remote temperature sensor with a 3m cable is recommended for this dual battery solar charge controller. To enable connection to the screw terminals of the controller, the green connector block on the end of the remote temperature sensor cable should be cut off. Please note: This is an essentials kit and does not include mounting accessories or battery cable. If you require these additional items, please purchase them separately."

    Solar panel specifications:

    - Peak power: 200W

    - Maximum power voltage: 20.2V

    - Maximum power current: 9.9A

    - Open circuit voltage: 23.9V

    - Short circuit current: 10.52A

    - Power allowance range: +/- 3%

    - Dimensions: 111 x 99.2 x 4 cm

    - Weight: 13.3 kg

    - 8 mounting holes (9 x 11 mm)

    - 2 x 5m of high-quality single-core solar cable (6.0mm cross-section)

    - Male and female MC4 connectors attached (can be cut off when wiring to the solar controller)

    Charge controller specifications:

    - Rated charging current: 20A

    - Fully automated operation and auto 12/24V selection

    - 3 pairs of terminals (input, battery 1, battery 2)

    - LEDs to indicate state of charge

    - Temperature sensor for temperature compensation of charging (-30mV/C/12V)

    - RJ-45 connection point for a remote meter (not included)

    - Various protection features (overcharge, short circuit, reverse polarity etc)

    - Self-consumption: 4mA at night, 10mA when charging

    - Working temperature: -35°C to +55C

    - Terminals for wire up to 4.0mm2

    - Size: 15.5 x 7.6 x 4.0 cm

    - Weight: 230 g

    - Multiple mounting holes for ease of installation

    Please note: due to our warehouse arrangements, the solar charge controller may be shipped from a different warehouse to the solar panel and therefore delivered in a separate package.


    This product is covered by a 1-year warranty provided by Photonic Universe, including a 1-year warranty for the solar charge controller and a 1-year workmanship warranty for the solar panel. The manufacturer guarantees that the solar cells will produce at least 90% of nominal power in 10 years after purchase and at least 80% of nominal power in 25 years after purchase.

    For installation advice, please refer to the Installation tab. The solar charge controller comes with a detailed user manual containing a wiring diagram and installation/operation instructions (see Documents tab). Make sure to read the full user manual before starting the installation.

    Fitting: The solar panel can be fitted to a flat roof using metal brackets, plastic brackets, or various other methods. Check out our full range of brackets in the mounting accessories category of our online shop. The solar charge controller in this kit is not waterproof and should be mounted indoors.

    If you need help with installation or have any technical questions, we provide FREE support. Please contact us by email or phone.

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