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    This innovative energy-efficient Wi-Fi adapter plugs into your solar charge controller and creates a Wi-Fi?ÿnetwork. Then, using your mobile phone with?ÿthe free ?ÿ pairing app, you can connect to this Wi-Fi network to ?ÿ monitor parameters of?ÿthe solar charge controller ?ÿ (Tracer ?ÿ TR / ?ÿ PTR , ?ÿ VS****BN , ?ÿ DM ?ÿ and ?ÿ MSC ?ÿ series controllers only).?ÿThe pairing app?ÿcan also be used?ÿto change charging and load settings of your solar system. The app is available to download for iOS devices ?ÿ here , and for Android devices ?ÿ here . The mobile app allows you to have ?ÿ full control ?ÿ over the charging process, and?ÿcan display various charging parameters such as voltage, current (separately for solar panel / load), battery state of charge, etc. It can also?ÿstore accumulated?ÿcharge and?ÿdischarge energy,?ÿas well as min / max voltage readings. By adding this?ÿWi-Fi adapter to your solar charge controller, you will unlock a range of ?ÿ exclusive settings ?ÿ on the pairing app which give you far greater control over your solar system. With access to this vast range of charging parameters, you will be able to: - Amend the battery type and capacity - Select charging volts for different charging stages - Specify the duration of each charging stage - Create a user-defined battery type with charging parameters specific to your battery (if the pre-existing options are unsuitable) -?ÿPersonalise the 'load' settings - e.g. set timers for lighting, fans, pumps Please note:?ÿthis Wi-Fi?ÿmodule is not suitable for ?ÿ DB ?ÿ series dual battery charge controllers. Wi-Fi Module Specifications: Wi-Fi radius of 20m Compatible with Tracer ?ÿ TR / ?ÿ PTR , ?ÿ VS****BN , ?ÿ DM ?ÿ and ?ÿ MSC ?ÿ series controllers only Connection: RJ45 Power consumption: 150mA (operation), 310uA (standby) Serial port parameters: 115200Bps, 8N1 Enclosure: IP30 Dimensions: 63 x 19 x 10mm Weight: 7.7g The following document(s) are available to download: User Manual for Photonic Universe Wi-Fi adapter for solar charge controller monitoring & programming (EBOX-WIFI)

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