Waterproof double cable entry gland (6-12mm) for motorhomes, caravans, campervans, boats and building installations

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    Features and benefits: Perfect way to get 6-12mm cables inside and keep the place completely waterproof Ideal for mounting solar panels on motorhomes, campervans, caravans or boats Can be used for other installations and structures such as buildings, garages, sheds and other roofs Easily bonded to the roof using a suitable sealant Can be used as a single cable gland (plugs for closing cable holes included) This double cable entry gland is perfect for feeding cables through to the inside?ÿof a vehicle / boat / building, and?ÿensuring a completely watertight installation. It is?ÿideal for mounting solar panels on vehicles and boats, as well as other installations on buildings, garages, sheds etc. This cable entry gland is suitable for any cable with a diameter of?ÿ6-12mm. It can be used for either double or single cable entry (plugs for cable holes are included). For thinner cables, our other double?ÿcable and single cable entry glands accepts wires with a 3-7mm diameter. Click on the Details and Specifications tab for more information. Specifications: Material: plastic Colour: white Size: 12x10x5cm Weight: 230g Installation: This cable gland can be easily fixed to the roof / wall with a suitable sealant or adhesive (not included).

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