Tm Type Ground Mounts

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    These sturdy low level PV mounting structures, made from galvanised tubular steel and can be coupled together to make up an array of any size.

    Modular design consisting of basic unit to suit two PV panels and extension units for an additional panels in increments of two.

    • Suitable for PV solar panels with width up to 1062mm
    • Suitable for up to 12 panels. (Maximum number of panels depends upon suitability of the ground level)
    • Tilt can be varied from 10 to 60§. Raises bottom of PV modules 500 - 700 mm above ground level.
    • Designed to withstand adverse environmental conditions (windspeeds up to 45 m/s for pole foundations; 55 m/s for concrete foundations).
    • Galvanised steel
    • Includes stainless steel M6 & M8 panel mounting fasteners and hardware.
    Two foundation options available
    • One to allow fixing to a concrete foundation base
    • One using poles driven into the ground.
    • Supplied in sets of two. Two sets of desired type required for each base unit; one extra set for each extension.
    What you will need
    Number of solar panels 2 panel kit 2 panel extension kit Foundation feet or
    ground pole set
    SKT-001-051 SKT-001-055 SKT-001-056 or
    1-2 1 2
    3-4 1 1 3
    5-6 1 2 4
    7-8 1 3 5
    9-10 1 4 6
    11-12 1 5 7

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