SolaX X3 Pro 3 Phase Inverter 25kW G2

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    This powerful inverter features an industry-leading maximum efficiency of 97.4%, delivering up to 25kW of reliable power.

    #1: X3-PRO-25K 

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    • Maximum effi­ciency is up to 98.5%
    • Low start up voltage, ultrawide MPPT voltage range
    • 150% oversizing, 110% overloading output
    • Built-in shadow tracking function


    • SPD type II protection both AC&DC
    • ARC protection (Optional)
    • IP66 protection


    • Built-in export power control
    • Intelligent load management - heat pump (Optional)
    • 24 hours operation monitoring
    • Multiple monitoring methods, Pocket WiFi/LAN/4G (Optional)


    • Ultra-high power density
    • Maximum 16A DC input current, support high power solar panel
    • Up to 3 MPPTs, 2 strings per MPPT 
    Weight: 28 kg
    Rated Power: 25,000 W
    Min PPT Voltage: 200 V
    Max PPT Voltage: 960 V
    DC Startup Voltage: 200 V
    DC Shutdown Voltage: 180 V
    Max Input Voltage: 1,000 V
    Max DC Power: 37,500 W
    Max AC Power (5 Minutes): 25,000 W
    Surge AC Power (1 Second): 27,500 W
    Max DC Current: 32 A
    Max DC Inputs: 0
    Has DC Fuses: 0
    Connector: MC4  
    Included Connectors: 6
    Euro Efficiency: 98 %
    Transformer: None
    MPPT Quantity : 6
    Has Integrated DC Switch: No
    Warranty: 10 years

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