SolarEdge Three Phase Synergy Inverters

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    SolarEdge Three Phase Synergy Inverters

    These inverters is made up of a Synergy Manager which connects to two or three Synergy Units, making it as easy to install and service as a string inverter. AC wiring and commissioning however, are as easy as working with central inverters.

    The Synergy Manager and Synergy Units need to be ordered separately.

    • The 50 and 66.6kW Synergy Managers needs two Synergy Units
    • The 100kW Synergy Manager needs three Synergy Units

    The inverter units are packaged and mounted individually and come with plug-and-play cables for easy connection.

    They are wall mounted for a minimal footprint and allow installation by just two technicians, with no cranes, forklifts or other special tools. In addition, each unit continues to work independently in the event that the other units are offline for higher uptime.


    • Pre-commissioning feature for automated validation of system components and wiring during the site installation process and prior to grid connection
    • Easy 2-person installation with lightweight, modular design (each inverter consists of 2 or 3 Synergy Units and one Synergy Manager)
    • Independent operation of each Synergy Unit enables higher uptime and easy serviceability
    • Built-in thermal sensors detect faulty wiring ensuring enhanced protection and safety
    • Built-in arc fault protection and optional rapid shutdown
    • Built-in PID mitigation for maximized system performance
    • Monitored and field-replaceable surge protection devices, to better withstand surges caused by lightning or other events: integrated RS485 and Type 2 DC SPDs
    • Optional integrated DC safety switch (66.6 & 100kW) eliminates the need for external DC isolators
    • Built-in module-level monitoring with Ethernet or cellular communication for full system visibility
    • Synergy Units with or without RSD - Rapid Shutdown (not currently required in UK)
    • 12 year warranty

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