SolarEdge S-Series Residential Power Optimisers

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  • Product Details

    Connected by installers to the PV module and compatible with a wide range of modules

    Key features
    • 25 year warranty
    • Gain up to 25% more energy
    • 99.5% efficient
    • Removes all mismatch-losses - from manufacturing tolerances to partial shading
    • Flexible system design - different panels and orientations can be utilised
    • Module level monitoring
    • SafeDCTM - 1V per optimiser whenever the inverter or grid is shut down
      • Safety for installers and firefighters

    The S-Series further strengthens PV safety technology, setting a new benchmark for arc detection and prevention with SolarEdge Sense Connect (available from 2022 via firmware upgrade). With an improved cable layout they are future-proofed to meet evolving PV module requirements.

    Power Optimizer Model

    Module Power (1) Module Voc Typical Module Compatibility
    ó440W ó60V 60-cell, 72-cell and bi-facial modules
    S500 ó500W ó60V 60-cell, 72-cell and bi-facial modules
    ó500W ó125V 60-cell, 72 cell and bi-facial modules

    (1) Rated STC power of the module. Module of up to +5% power tolerance allowed.


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