SolarEdge Ambient Temperature Sensor

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    For use with Commercial Gateway this ambient temperature sensor measures the surrounding temperature. The sensor's measurement signal is 0 to 10V covering a -40 to +90øC range.

    The SolarEdge Ambient Temperature Sensor is a crucial component for monitoring your solar energy system’s performance. Designed to withstand various environmental conditions, this sensor provides accurate temperature measurements of the site’s immediate surroundings. Here are the key features:

    • Measurement Range: The sensor’s measurement signal covers a temperature range from -40°C to +90°C.
    • Integration: It seamlessly connects to SolarEdge’s commercial gateway, allowing you to view the temperature data on the monitoring platform.
    • Versatility: You can install up to three sensors using a single commercial gateway, ensuring comprehensive temperature monitoring across your system.

    Whether you’re optimizing energy production or ensuring system safety, the SolarEdge Ambient Temperature Sensor plays a vital role in maintaining peak performance. Trust SolarEdge for reliable environmental monitoring solutions! 🌞🌡️

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