SolarEdge 3680W 1ph Home-Wave Inverter (SetAPP Inverter)

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    SolarEdge 3680W 1ph Home-Wave Inverter (SetAPP Inverter)

    The 3680W SolarEdge Home-Wave Inverter uses HD-Wave technology to provide an optimised installation and is marked as a milestone in inverter technology, the award winning HD-Wave technology is a record-breaker in efficiency tests.

    Small, light, efficient and superbly reliable – SolarEdge’s single phase inverters with innovative HD-Wave technology are now a firm favourite for installers and end-customers alike.

    SolarEdge inverters will only work with power optimisers, which control module-level Maximum Power Point Tracking and voltage management. This means that the inverter is only responsible for DC to AC inversion – this is the secret of the HD-Wave technology. It uses smaller, lighter and more reliable thin film capacitors, allowing SolarEdge to rid most of the heavy metal parts from the inverter.

    The SetAPP Home-Wave Inverter does not contain an extra 'plug-in slot' for both the E-NET card and either ZigBee or GSM, this can instead be found in the Net version of the inverter.

    Commissioning requires using SolarEdges' SetApp on your mobile device.

    AC attributes
    • Max power: 3680W
    • Max current: 16A
    • Number of phases: 1
    DC attributes
    • Number of MPPT Not applicable
    • V range of MPPT Not applicable
    • Max power 5700W
    • Max current 10.5A
    • Max voltage 480V
    • Start up voltage Not applicable
    • Efficiency 99.2%
    • IP rating IP65
    • Built in protection Arc fault/Safe DC
    • Export limitations Possible using meter
    • Weight 7.8kg
    • Dimensions 280x370x142mm
    • Communication Ethernet, RS485, (Wifi, Zigbee, cellular optional)
    • Warranty (extensions) 12 years (20 or 25 years extensions available)
    Key features
    • Superior efficiency Lightweight
    • Oversizing up to 155% possible 
    • Indoor or outdoor installation

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