SolarEdge 10Kwh Energy Bank

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    SolarEdge 10Kwh Energy Bank

    #3: BAT-10K1PS0B-02

    Pdf free icon SolarEdge 10Kwh Datasheet

    The SolarEdge Energy Bank offers a high voltage, DC-coupled storage solution, optimised to integrate with the existing SolarEdge residential system. In addition to the gain in efficiency associated with high voltage DC storage - due to efficient DC-DC conversion and no DC-AC changes - by optimising the Energy Bank specifically for SolarEdge inverters and StorEdge interfaces, the system is able to maximise storage of solar generated power.

    A SolarEdge integrated storage solution means that PV generation, storage, EV charging and smart device control will all be managed and monitored on one platform - the SolarEdge app - for both smoother installations and ease of use by the resident.

    The Energy Bank comes with a 10 year warranty, with a minimum of 70% capacity at the end of the warranty period after an unlimited number of discharges - for more warranty information please see the Warranty download on the right.

    Currently only compatible with SetApp Enabled 1ph HD Wave inverters up to and including the 6kW (i.e. screenless ones). 8kW and 10kW currently not supported - compatibility of these sizes, and also other models, is planned throughout 2022 and beyond
    DC coupled - high effiency and no G99 application required if using a G98 compliant inverter
    Super quick installation - just DC cables from inverter to battery (comms are wireless)
    Extremely flexible installation - battery can be 50m from the inverter and outdoors
    Integrated fire extinguisher
    Full monitoring on the well-loved SolarEdge portal
    You will likely need the following components, depending on the size of HD Wave you're connecting to, and whether or not there is an existing Energy Meter in place. Contact us for details:

    SolarEdge Energy Meter (Modbus)
    SolarEdge CT clamp (sized to the incoming grid connection)
    SolarEdge Energy Net (so that the battery can communicate with the HD Wave)
    SolarEdge Energy Bank carry handles (suggested one set of these per installation team)
    SolarEdge Energy Bank floor stand (if desired)
    Standard DC PV cable (for connecting battery to HD Wave)
    Staubli MC4 branch connectors (if you're connecting to any HD Wave <4kW, as these only have one set of physical MC4 inputs. When installing a battery you need two - one for PV, one for battery, the branch connectors allow for this when only one set of physical inputs is present on the smaller HD Waves <4kW)

    G100 note - this product is connected to the inverter, so uses the inverter's G100 certificate.
    Although supply of the Energy Bank is currently limited, it is a product with great potential so please do get in touch if you would like to know more.

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