Solar Technology 12V Lifos Lithium Battery - 68Ah

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  • Product Details

    • Nominal Voltage: 12.8v
    • Nominal Capacity: 68Ah
    • Energy: 870Wh
    • Dimensions inc Terminals: 257.5 x 175 x 200mm
    • Weight: 7.8Kg
    • Terminal Type: Copper pole M8
    • Case Material: ABS + PC
    • IP Rating: IP54
    • Cell Type (Chem): LifePO4
    • Recommended charge current: 10A - 30A
    • Maximum Charge Current: 40A
    • 5 year product warranty
    • Free Bluetooth App
    • Built in battery management system BMS
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    Lifos 68 is the ideal leisure battery for a caravan boat or RV. Without the need for additional charging equipment Lifos 68 is a direct drop in exchange for a lead acid battery. But unlike the lead acid equivalent Lifos 68 weighs much less lasts much longer and comes with a smart device Bluetooth app to keep you informed of the battery performance at all times.

    The Lifos 68 provides a massive 2750 cycles (a cycle is considered a full charge and discharge) at 90% depth of discharge ensuing that 61.2Ah of usable power is available. Compare this to a lead acid battery with a typical 50% DOD and it\'s clear that a 120Ah gross capacity will be needed to replicate the power of Lifos 68. And yet Lifos is a third smaller in size and a quarter the weight. Its huge 2750 cycles (at 90% DOD) jumps to an even more impressive 3500 cycles at 75% DOD – that’s nearly 10 years of trouble free operation.

    Lifos 68 can be connected with four batteries in series or parallel if a power bank is needed and each battery\'s internal BMS ensures all the lithium cells are perfectly balanced to give outstanding and reliable performance.

    Fitted with a Bluetooth app you can keep abreast of the vital information at all times when connected to an Android or Apple smart device. Information such as current voltage power (w) and state of charge can be interrogated at any time and the smart operating system will even send you a warning well before the battery gets to a low state of discharge giving plenty of time to get it recharged.

    Lifos 68 is accredited by the NCC the body representing the caravan and motorhome sector as a verified leisure battery.

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