Solar PV Combiner Box,2 in 1 out 2 String Solar Distribution Combiner Box Connector for Solar Panel System,with 32A Photovoltaic DC Isolation Switch Circuit Breaker 40KA Arrester 15A Current Fuse

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    DC Circuit Breaker



    • The photovoltaic DC isolation switch is an electrical protection device.
    • Equipped with photovoltaic special high-voltage arrester, DC fuse box with 15A fuse and DC circuit breaker, providing multiple protections such as cutting off power supply isolation current, overload, lightning protection, etc.
    • Purpose: Installed between solar panels and solar inverters, it functions as a protection and control system.
    • Suitable for photovoltaic grid-connected system and photovoltaic off-grid solar system solar power system.



    • Packing List:
    • √ PV combiner box*1
    • √ Plastic expansion*4
    • √ Mounting screw*4
    • √ MC-4-30A connector*2
    • √ Special wrench*1
    • √ Ground wire 1m*1
    • √ User Manual*1


    Solar PV Combiner Box


    Distribution Box Solar


    • Small in size, and can be easily fixed on any normal surface with screws.


    • Electrical box size (l*w*h): 21.5*20.5*11.5cm
    • Material: PC plastic
    • Protection level: IP65



    • Input: 2 sets of photovoltaic connectors
    • Output: 1 set of output ports
    • Rated maximum voltage: 500V
    • Maximum DC short circuit current: 15A per input ISC
    • Maximum current output: 32A
    • DC circuit breaker model: LQL7
    • Rated current (LE): 32A
    • DC surge ARRESTER: LD-40
    • Maximum operating voltage (UCPV): 500V
    • Maximum discharge current: 40KA
    • DC fuse holder LQPV: 1000VDC
    • Fuse link 10*38mm: 15A


    • Rated insulation voltage (UI): 500V
    • Rated working voltage: 500V
    • Operating temperature: -20°C to +65°C

    Circuit Breaker box


    • IP65 Dustproof and Waterproof



    1. The transparent cover of the electrical box can visually inspect the state of the main switch and arrester.
    2. UV protection for harsh weather like rain and sun:Operating temperature: -20°C to +65°C.



    • How to use:
    • Connect the positive and negative poles of the solar panel to the input port of the device;
    • Then connect the circuit breaker to the inverter or controller, set the circuit breaker switch to ON;
    • And the device connection is complete.


    Solar combiner box

    PV Combiner Box

    combiner box

    Fire retardant


    • Using PC plastic, this photovoltaic combination box has high impact strength, good weather resistance, and strong wear resistance


    Plug and play


    • Comes with MC-4 Connector
    • The internal wiring is already connected,saving at least 1-2 hours than manual wiring by yourself


    Main switch and lightning arrester


    • Lightning Protection:Maximum discharge current 40KA
    • Circuit Breaker:Maximum current output 32A
    • Independent Fuse:15A per input ISC


    PV Combiner Box


    • Installation and precautions:
    • 1. Regularly check the high-voltage fuse to prevent the solar panel from disconnecting after the high-voltage fuse is blown.
    • 2. The input and output of PV cannot be reversed, otherwise it may cause the equipment to fail to work, or even damage other equipment.
    • 3. When testing or waiting for this device, please note that the input and output ports may be live, please avoid electric shock or damage to other devices.
    • 4. Check the lightning protection module after lightning. If the error light on the control panel turns red, replace it in time.

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