SMA Sunny Tripower Smart Energy Hybrid Inverters

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    The SMA Sunny Tripower Smart Energy hybrid inverter isÿ idealÿ for supplying solar power to three-phase properties.

    Combines smart technology and integrated services to create a space-saving compact system. Users can easily and conveniently generate, use and store solar power. It is possible to make additions to the system at any time, incorporating e-mobility or heat pumps.

    Theÿintegrated battery-backup functionÿsafeguards the electricity supplyÿeven in the event of a grid failure. That makes PV systems comprehensive, smart energy systems with solar energy self-sufficiency of up to 100 percent.


    • Three-phase / DC-coupled hybrid inverter/charger
    • Integrated battery-backup function
    • Fast charging
    • Compatible with BYD HVS & HVM batteries
    • Smart energy management with the Sunny Home Manager
    • Maximum energy yield thanks to SMA ShadeFix
    • Intuitive commissioning via app
    • Quick and easy to install thanks to external terminals
    • Compact design means minimum space requirements


    Power:ÿ 5.0kW / 6.0kW / 8.0kW / 10.0 kW
    DC-Voltage (Battery):ÿ150 VDC ? 600 VDC
    Max DC-Current (Battery):ÿ30 A
    Efficiency (max.):ÿ98.2%
    Warranty:ÿ5 years / 10 years with registration in Sunny Portal / Sunny Places

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