SafeCurrent Battery Monitor

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    The SafeCurrent Battery Monitor enables remote monitoring of your battery voltage, temperature and location of the device based on mobile phone mast triangulation. Ideal for boats or remote equipment.

    • Enables you to take necessary actions to prevent loss of power and avoid deep discharge of batteries
    • Remotely monitors the battery voltage, temperature and location that can be securely accessed on mobile, PC or tablet which updates every 4 hours.
    • Notifications can be sent by email and SMS of user set voltage and temperature values.
    • Safecurrent can indicates the device approximate location using mobile phone mast triangulation shown on Google maps accessed on a secure portal.
    • Data from several of your devices can be accessed and viewed on one account.
    • Extremely simple installation and registration.
    • Operates throughout Europe.
    • Developed, manufactured and operated securely by a Norwegian company.
    • Monthly cost of approximately œ3 per month on registration.

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