Remote temperature sensor with 3m cable and connector for TR/PTR/VS/PU/LS series solar charge controllers

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    Why do solar charge controllers need temperature sensors?

    Most batteries require different charging parameters in different temperatures. Because of this, most modern solar charge controllers already measure the ambient temperature and automatically adjust charging parameters making charging of your batteries more efficient.

    When should this remote temperature sensor should be used?

    Most of our solar charge controllers already have built-in temperature sensors, so use of this remote temperature sensor is completely optional. However, we recommend using it when the solar charge controller is located far away from the battery and the difference between the battery temperature and the solar charge controller temperature is significant.

    For example, when the solar charge controller is located indoors and the battery is kept outdoors, use of this remote temperature sensor is strongly recommended if it can help to approximately measure the same temperature as the battery.


    This remote temperature sensor can be used with any of the following high efficiency MPPT and PWM solar charge controllers:

    - TR and PTR series (models TRxxxxBN, TRxxxxAN and PTRxxxxAN)
    - VS Series (models VSxxxxBN and VSxxxxAU)
    - PU Series (models PUxxxxB)
    - DB Series (models DBxx24)

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    • Suitable for all TR/PTR/VS/PU/DB solar charge controllers.
    • Comes with 3m of cable and a connector which can be plugged straight into the controller.

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