Remote meter / display for 10A and 20A dual battery solar charge controllers

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    This high quality, dual battery remote display / meter is suitable for the Photonic Universe 10A dual battery solar charge controller or 20A dual battery solar charge controller ?ÿfor 12/24V solar systems with two batteries. The unit is ideal for remote system monitoring as it allows full control over the charging process. This remote meter?ÿdisplays the following charging parameters: Battery voltage Solar panel voltage Solar panel current (including maximum recorded current) Battery state of charge Accumulated battery capacity Minimum and maximum voltages for each?ÿbattery Split of charge ratio for each battery Charging frequency (frequency of charging pulses) The unit can also display: Temperature (either measured by the inbuilt temperature sensor on the solar charge controller, or by an optional external temperature sensor ) Time If you already have one of our dual battery solar controllers, this remote meter can easily be added at?ÿany time ?ÿto your system - simply?ÿconnect the cable supplied with the meter to the RJ45 socket of the controller. Charging parameters can either be displayed on an automatic 3 second rotation, or?ÿthe unit can be programmed to?ÿdisplay only the chosen set of data. The?ÿfour buttons on the front panel allow?ÿfor easy transition between data sets. Click on the Details and Specifcations tab for more information Specifications: Suitable for 10A or 20A dual battery solar charge controllers (DB1024 and DB2024 series) Rated voltage: 12V Self-consumption: 17-23mA Operating temperature: -40C to +60C LCD operating temperature: -10C to +40C Humidity: 0-100% Communication cable: RJ45 (8pin) 10 meters included Wall mounting board with mounting holes included Size: 11 x 11 x 4 cm Weight: 150 g (without cable) Installation: This unit comes with a detailed user manual which explains installation and operations (see Documents tab).

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