MY-PV Power Meter

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    The MY-PV Power Meter allows excess solar generation (normally exported to the grid) to be automatically diverted to heaters in order to maximise the self-consumption of your PV system. It detects the energy flows of the PV system and transmits the excess energy data to the PV Power Manager AC THOR, AC THOR 9s.

    It includes an Ethernet interface for communication with the AC THOR or AC THOR 9s via a router or network switch or can be directly connected using a cross-over network cable. Alternatively, connection can be via standard powerline adapters.

    Includes 3 x 60A CT clamps (other CT clamps can also be used).

    Safety Note: CTs must never be operated open-circuit (secondary coil wires disconnected) once installed, whilst on a current-carrying conductor, as dangerously high voltages may occur under these circumstances.

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