Morningstar SunSaver 10A 24V solar charge controller for motorhomes, boats, marine, oil and gas, telecom and instrumentation

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    Morningstar SunSaver 10A 24V Solar Charge Controller - High Performance and Durability

    As an official distribution partner of Morningstar products across the globe, we are proud to offer solar charge controllers from this world-leading supplier. Innovative design from years of dedicated research and superior build quality enable these top-of-the-range solar charge controllers to extend battery capacity and life, maximize energy production, and consistently achieve high performance standards.

    This high-quality Morningstar SunSaver 10A 24V Solar Charge Controller is a third generation of the famous SunSaver range, with over 1 million units installed in over 73 countries. Ideal for various applications, including motorhomes, caravans, boats, yachts, oil and gas, telecom and instrumentation, and household solar systems, this controller is designed to protect batteries while charging them.

    Key Features:

    • Automatic Cut-Off: Prevents over-charging and deep discharge.
    • Full Range of Protection Functions: Overload, short circuit, high voltage, reverse polarity, high temperature, lightning and transient surges, reverse current at night.
    • Epoxy Encapsulation: Protection against humidity and dust ingress.
    • Anodized Aluminum Case: Marine-rated terminals to prevent corrosion.
    • Wide Working Temperature Range: From -40°C to +60°C, certified for hazardous locations (e.g., oil and gas).

    Additional Features:

    • Extremely High Reliability: Failure rate of less than 0.1% with a long 5-year warranty.
    • Dead Battery Recovery Function: Allows the controller to resume charging even if the battery gets discharged.
    • Specific Settings: Slow switching charging mode for sensitive loads and instrumentation devices (e.g., telecommunications).
    • Automatic Load Control Function: Adjusts based on the battery condition.
    • Easy to Install and Use: Factory presets, fully automatic operation, and fault recovery.
    • Compatibility: Works with sealed and flooded batteries. Its charging algorithm is compatible with lead-acid or NiCd batteries.


    • Certified for Hazardous Locations: Class 1, Division 2, Groups A, B, C, D.
    • Nominal Battery Voltage: 24V.
    • Rated Charging and Load Current: 10A.
    • Solar Input Voltage: Up to 60V, power up to 320W.
    • Terminals: 3 pairs (input, battery, output), plus another terminal for the battery jumper.
    • LED Indicators: Multi-color LEDs to indicate charging and battery status.
    • Temperature Sensor: For automatic compensation (-60mV/C/12V), operating between -30°C and +60°C.
    • Dead Battery Recovery Minimum Voltage: 1V.
    • Self-Consumption: Less than 8mA.
    • Working Temperature: -40°C to +60°C.
    • Humidity: 100% non-condensing.
    • Enclosure: IP10 (indoor).
    • Size: 152 x 55 x 32 mm.
    • Weight: 230 g.
    • Mounting Holes: For ease of installation.


    • 5-Year Manufacturer Warranty.

    The product comes with an instruction manual (see the 'Documents' tab for a download link) which explains connections and operations. If you need help with installation or have any technical questions, we can provide FREE support - please contact us by email or phone.

    Downloadable Documents:

    Invest in the Morningstar SunSaver 10A 24V Solar Charge Controller for unmatched reliability and performance in your solar power systems!

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