Lorentz PV Disconnects

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    These are simple and cost effective units used as part of a professional system installation to allow connection of PV module strings and include appropriate DC rated disconnect switch in an IP54 weatherproof enclosure.

    PV Disconnect LZ-440-40-1 & LZ-440-40-6

    These have provision for optional lightning surge arrestors which connects through a mounting hole in the disconnect enclosure. (Lightning surge protectors must be ordered separately).

    • Designed for PS150 ? PS4000 pump systems.
    • Max. voltage 440 V DC
    • Output cable size 4 - 10mmý


    • For wiring up one PV-string.
    • Max. current: 40 A
    • String cable size: 4 - 10 mmý


    • For wiring up to 6 PV-strings in parallel
    • Max. current per string: 10 A
    • Max. total current: 40 A
    • String cable size: 2,5 - 4mmý

    Lorentz PV Disconnect LZ-1000-40-5

    • Designed for PSk2 / PSk pump systems
    • Wiring of up to 5 PV-strings in parallel
    • Max. voltage: 1,000 V DC (Voc); 880 V DC (Vmp)
    • Max. current per string: 40 A
    • Max. total current: 40 A
    • Max. no. of strings: 5
    • String cable size: 4 - 10mmý
    • Output cable size: 4 - 16mmý

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