Lorentz PS2-600/CS17-1 Pool Pump

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    This solar operated surface centrifugal pump is ideal for use with:

    • Swimming pool water circulation;
    • Irrigation;
    • Pond management;
    • Aquariums

    Either for direct solar operation with a PV array of nominal voltage 48-72 V (150 V max. open circuit voltage) or from a 48V battery.

    • Max. power consumption 700W.
    • Max. suction lift: 3m.
    • Max. total dynamic head: 12m
    • Max. flow rate: 19 cubic m/h

    For homes with swimming pools, circulation and filtration pumps used to keep pools clean are typically the second biggest consumers of electricity.

    Using the technology, expertise and experience gained in critical drinking water applications, LORENTZ has a range of pool pumps that use zero electricity and have a long life. Additional benefits come from quiet operation and modular construction for simple maintenance. LORENTZ solutions save the homeowner money and reduce their environmental footprint. Tax benefits and government grants also encourage homeowners to make the change to solar pumping.

    LORENTZ pool pumps are a compelling proposition for home?owners and commercial pool operators in a sector where operating costs need to be minimized.

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