Furlmatic FM-1803

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    Rating: 404 W in a 11 m/s (24.6 mph) wind.
    Voltage: 12,24 or 48 volts DC.
    Rotor Diameter: 1.8m
    Cut In Windspeed: 3 m/s (6.7 mph)

    This powerful battery charger can provide a steady power supply for remote dwellings, buildings & telecommunication sites. It starts to generate power in the lightest breezes yet is protected in high winds for reliable, efficient performance.

    • Robust three bladed turbine commences charging at 3.0 m/s (6 mph) windspeed.
    • Charges up to 840 watts at windspeeds of up to 15 m/s (33 mph). As windspeed increases above this, furling tail progressively turns the turbine out of the wind, thus reducing stresses in blades, generator, and supporting structure to ensure long-term reliability.
    • Aerofoil blades combine an efficient profile with a durable composite glass fibre construction. These are coupled to a unique disc type brushless generator with a high degree of inertia that keeps the turbine spinning between gusts of wind to maintain a steady charge into the batteries.
    • Available in 12, 24 or 48V versions and comes complete with a sophisticated controller.

    MPC1 Controller

    This automatic controller is positioned near to the battery store and uses micro-processors to improve stability and power output:

    • Overcharge protection by stalling the turbine as batteries become fully charged.
    • Power matching under varying wind conditions. This minimises transmission losses and volt drop enabling turbine and battery store to be sited further apart if need be. Includes high & low windspeed modes.
    • Manual stall (brake) switch.
    • LCD digital display to show: battery voltage; charge in amps or watts; low or full battery indication; low wind mode; high wind mode or stall. LED indicators show operating mode & warnings.
    • Temperature compensation ensures battery voltage switching points are adjusted automatically according to ambient temperature to maintain optimum battery charging.


    The FM 1803 mounts onto 81mm internal & 91mm external diameter tube.
    Tilt-up guyed; lattice or freestanding towers are all suitable depending upon terrain, height and application.

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