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    This circuit breaker has a capacity of 80A and combines the functionality of a resettable fuse and an on/off switch. It is perfect for any DC system that requires both overcurrent protection and manual isolation of the circuit. The breaker can be used with a wide range of DC system voltages, from 12V to 48V. The purpose of this circuit breaker is to protect the system from overcurrent, which can be caused by high power draw, short-circuits, wiring mistakes, equipment faults, or any other high current event. Unlike fuses, which need to be replaced when they are blown, this circuit breaker is resettable, making it a better alternative. The circuit breaker also has a manual-break option that allows it to be used as an on/off switch for simple disconnection and reconnection of the system. Made from strong thermal plastic that is engineered to withstand high temperatures (UL94V-0 rated), this breaker is water-resistant (IP67 rated) and ignition-protected (it meets international standards S.A.E. J1625, J1171, UL1500). This product is suitable for a variety of DC applications, including connecting solar or wind charge controllers to batteries, sitting between off-grid inverter DC input and batteries, DC power distribution or charging circuits, and other DC automotive and marine applications. Please note that this product can be mounted on a panel or recessed.

    Please take note of the following specifications for the circuit breaker:

    - Rating: 80A

    - Type: Thermal overcurrent protection device

    - Material: Thermal plastic (UL rated 94V-0)

    - Operating temperature: -32°C to 82°C

    - Storage temperature: -34°C to 149°C

    - Terminals size: M6

    - Enclosure: IP67

    - Size: 74 x 48 x 37 mm

    - Weight: 110g

    - Waterproof rating: IP67

    The circuit breaker also meets the following international standard ratings: S.A.E. J1625, J1171, UL1500.

    The following documents can be downloaded:

    - Time vs Rated Current graph for Photonic Universe 80A Circuit Breaker (CBR80)

    - Temperature Derating graph for Photonic Universe 80A Circuit Breaker (CBR80)

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