80A 12V/24V/48V Automatic over-current DC circuit breaker / switch

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    This 80A circuit breaker combines the functions of a resettable 80A fuse and an On/Off switch in one unit. It is ideal for any DC system that requires over-current protection and manual isolation of the circuit. The breaker is suitable for a wide range of DC system voltages from 12V to 48V. Like any fuse, this circuit breaker is designed to protect the system from over-current resulting from high power draw, short-circuits, wiring mistakes, equipment faults or any other high current event.

    The circuit breaker is resettable, making it a superior alternative to fuses which require replacement when blown. Additionally, the breaker has a manual-break option which allows it to be used as an isolator On/Off switch for simple disconnection and reconnection of the system. The circuit breaker is made from strong thermal plastic engineered to withstand high temperatures (UL94V-0 rated). The breaker is also water resistant (IP67 rated) and ignition protected (meets international standards S.A.E. J1625, J1171, UL1500). This product is suitable for a wide range of DC applications including: Connecting solar or wind charge controllers to batteries; Between off-grid inverter DC input and batteries; DC power distribution or charging circuits; Other DC automotive and marine applications. Please note that this circuit breaker is intended for surface mounting.

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