380w Lg Neon® 2 Monocrystalline Solar Panel With Cello Technology™

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    380W LG Neon® 2 Monocrystalline Solar Panel with Cello Technology™. This top-quality 380W solar panel is the best-selling solar module from LG Solar, a leading global manufacturer and a part of LG Electronics. LG Solar has won the prestigious Intersolar and Top Brand PV industry awards. This MCS-certified panel is ideal for a wide range of applications, from grid-tie household systems to off-grid installations in areas with limited or no access to mains power. Cello Technology™ enhances the panel's efficiency and reliability by replacing the small number of wide busbars in standard solar panels with nine thin wires. The decreased spacing between wires reduces electrical losses by providing a shorter path for electricity to travel.

    Please keep in mind the following information about the LG NeON® 2 380W monocrystalline solar panel (model LG-380M):

    The panel is designed with a cylindrical cross-section to minimize resistance and maximize light deflection onto the solar cell. This design is more efficient than flat busbars, which tend to reflect light away from the panel. The layout of the wires also provides multiple paths for electricity, enhancing long-term reliability by adding redundancy.

    The panel is fully waterproof and performs well in a variety of environments, even in high temperatures or low irradiance. It can generate up to 30% more power than similar panels under high-temperature conditions.

    It is rated for a front load of up to 6,000Pa and a rear load of 5,400Pa, making it capable of withstanding heavy snow or hurricane-strength winds. The panel comes with a 25-year warranty, guaranteeing both output and workmanship. The linear performance warranty ensures a maximum annual output loss of 0.33% after the first year, with a minimum power production of 98.5% in the 25th year.


    - Peak power: 380W

    - Maximum power voltage: 35.1V

    - Maximum power current: 10.85A

    - Open circuit voltage: 41.7V

    - Short circuit current: 11.39A

    - Power tolerance: 0 ~ +3%

    - Dimensions: 1768 x 1042 x 40 mm

    - Weight: 18.5 kg

    - Mounting holes for easy installation

    - 2x 1.2m high-quality single-core solar cable

    - Male and female MC4 waterproof connectors

    This solar panel does not come with an installation manual, as it needs to be connected to devices such as a solar charge controller or inverter, which are supplied with their manuals.

    If you plan to use this solar panel to charge batteries, it's essential to use a suitable solar charge controller. We recommend high-efficiency MPPT solar charge controllers rated at 30A or higher for 12V batteries and 20A or higher for 24V batteries. Feel free to contact us for FREE support with installation or technical questions.

    You can download the datasheet and guarantee for the LG NeON® 2 380W monocrystalline solar panel (LG-380M) from our website.

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