240V mains power adapter 3A 16V DC output for Photonic Universe solar lighting kits

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    This mains adapter converts a 100-240V AC mains supply to 16.8V 3A DC power. It is specifically designed for use with the 15W, 15W MP3, and 25W Photonic Universe solar lighting kits. The adapter features the same DC output plug as the solar input of the kit, allowing for easy and immediate charging of the battery. This adapter is especially useful for systems where power usage exceeds what the solar panel can provide, particularly in low light conditions during the winter months. Additionally, it can also be used to convert the solar lighting kit into a portable lighting system.

    Please make a note of the following instructions:

    To start, plug the kit into a power outlet and charge it. After charging, take the kit to the area where you need lighting.

    Here are the specifications:

    - Input voltage: 100-240V

    - Input frequency: 50/60Hz

    - Output voltage: 16.8V

    - Output current: 3A

    - Cable length: 1.1m

    The installation process is simple. Just plug the UK mains plug into a suitable socket, and then connect the DC output plug to a compatible solar lighting kit. Make sure the master switch is turned on and the battery is not fully discharged when you start charging.

    If you need assistance with installation or have any technical questions, we provide free support. You can reach us via email or phone.

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