20A 12V/24V MPPT solar charge controller with LCD display for vehicles, boats, lighting and off-grid solar systems

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    20A 12V/24V MPPT solar charge controller with LCD display for vehicles, boats, lighting, and off-grid solar systems. This 20A 12V/24V MPPT solar charge controller with LCD display has been designed and manufactured in Italy in accordance with the highest European quality standards. The product features an extensive range of safety functions, as well as programmable settings for the battery and an optional 12V load.

    This solar charge controller uses the most advanced Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) technology to ensure that the solar array always operates at peak power. MPPT technology constantly searches for the maximum power point of the solar panels to maximize their energy output in all weather conditions and temperatures. This technology boosts solar module current and produces a higher energy yield compared to standard PWM solar controllers.

    Key features:

    - Full safety protection: The unit features a full range of electronic safety functions, including protection against over-charging, deep discharge, overload, reverse current at night, solar panel overvoltage, short circuit, and reverse polarity protection (of the solar panel and battery).

    - Wide solar input range: The controller is suitable for solar panels with an open circuit voltage of up to 100V and with a maximum power of up to 310W (when charging a 12V battery or battery bank) / up to 620W (when charging a 24V battery or battery bank).

    - Advanced battery compatibility: Suitable for use with a wide range of battery types, including sealed, gel, flooded, and lithium batteries. Advanced configuration of battery charging voltages is also possible.

    - Terminals for a programmable load: Optional 12V appliances may be connected directly to the load terminals of the solar charge controller. The controller features a wide choice of 18 different load management programs. For example, the load can be programmed to operate only during the daytime/nighttime, thanks to the intelligent day/night sensor. Alternatively, more specific timers can be set to switch the load on for a certain number of hours.

    - Backlit LCD screen: Displays vital system information, including power, voltage, and current (for the solar panel and battery), a resettable energy counter (for the solar panel and load), battery temperature, load parameters, low battery indication, etc.

    Battery temperature sensor: Monitors and protects the battery from overheating. Temperature values are shown on the LCD display. This product is covered by a 5-year manufacturer warranty.

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