10m single core extension cable (2.5mm) with MC4 connectors

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    10m single core extension cable (2.5mm) with MC4 connectors

    This is a single core solar extension cable 2.5mm cross section which is specially designed for solar panels to carry high current and have negligible power loss. It comes with waterproof MC4 connectors ("male" on one end, "female" on the other) which can be easily connected to similar MC4-type connectors coming with most solar panels, including Photonic Universe solar panels.

    This cable is suitable for all weather conditions including cold and hot temperatures.

    2.5mm cross section is usually enough for off-grid 12V solar panels and systems up to 100W, or on-grid panels (typical voltage 30-60V) with higher power rating.

    The cable can be cut in half if required to make two 5m tails.

    Cable specifications:

    • Conductor: tinned copper
    • Cross section: 2.5mm
    • Conductor resistance: 8.21 Ohm/km (20C)
    • Insulation and Jacket: 120C XLPE
    • Working temperature range: -40C to +120C
    • Certification: TUV
    • Outer diameter: 5.5mm


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